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Hello, I created a server for Eco but I am having difficulties for the installation I would like to ask you for help

I downloaded the following documents:
- 0Harmony.dll
- Asphalt-ModKit.dll
- SharpYaml.dll

and unzipped them into the folder, EcoServer -> Mods
but when restarting the server I have the error:

Failed to load server, Exception was Exception: MissingMethodException

Message: method not found: 'Void Eco.Shared.Utils.Log.WriteErrorLine(System.String)'.

System.MissingMethodException: method not found : 'Void Eco.Shared.Utils.Log.WriteErrorLine(System.String)'.
at Asphalt.Api.Asphalt..cctor()
Hey, please update another MOTD Plugin [Asphalt MDK] for ECO 8.0 ... That would be great. Thank you
Hi there inlife.. how are you? I kinda like your mod, NoPlayerCredit.. however it is outdated. Is there by any chance an update coming for 7.8.9? and for patch 8?
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