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    Karnal replied to the thread DiscordLink.
    Hello, is it possible to use this mod on hosted servers? Because there you cant open the Servergui. Only FTP access or console. Are...
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    Sil182 replied to the thread DiscordLink.
    Hello, we have the issue of commands working, but the chat link feature doesn't. Is there a solution to this? Thanks!
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    This resource has been removed and is no longer available.
  • ThisFlynn
    ThisFlynn replied to the thread More Realistic Smelting.
    I like the ideas behind this mod (and the devs seems to be going a very similar way) As a balance against the benefit I'd be like to see...
  • ThisFlynn
    ThisFlynn reacted to SweetChristmas's post in the thread More Realistic Smelting with Like Like.
    No problem. I should make that more clear on the mod description. It's easy for me to know because I programmed the values, not so easy...
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    5.00 star(s) just what i need for my world, thank your very much :)
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    Schoemeika reviewed the resource 8.1.X UseFul Carts.
    5.00 star(s) works for me, thank you for this
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    Hello, So i started modding Eco and after some modding i started with the creation of a new ore. I got everything worked out from the...
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    jia updated their status.
    i am young and energetic and want to do some innovative work for the world.
  • BeemerWT
    BeemerWT replied to the thread best server hoster.
    I don't think you need anymore than the free tier of Amazon AWS, which is extremely cheap. You can easily get a Windows server with 2GB...
  • Jacama94
    Jacama94 left a message on Arkhad's profile.
    Could you tell me what my mistake is? Thanks for your time.
  • Jacama94
    Jacama94 commented on Jacama94's profile post.
    but when restarting the server I have the error: Failed to load server, Exception was Exception: MissingMethodException Message...
  • Jacama94
    Jacama94 left a message on Arkhad's profile.
    Hello, I created a server for Eco but I am having difficulties for the installation I would like to ask you for help I downloaded the...
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    10K reacted to mampf's resource 8.1.X Eco Database Compress / Collection remover with Like Like.
    With this small tool you can shrink the size of your Game.db file. 0. Take a backup of your server 1. Extract the files. 2. Put your...
  • realmaxlive
    realmaxlive reacted to w2lf's resource 8.1.X 8.0.X Vanilla Industrial Elevator Mod with Like Like.
    It's a working and Craftable Industrial Elevator that looks like the vanilla Wooden Elevator. For vanilla enthusiasts. You will need at...
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