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Carry More Mod

Carry More Mod 1.2.0

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IGSApex submitted a new resource:

Carry More Mod - Carry more on every item

Do you hate carrying so little items at a time?
Do you hate that some items only stack up to 10?

Well here you go. I have made this mod so you can carry x2 of every item. If the item doesnt have a stack size I decreased the weight of it so you can hold more. I will add support for some of the mods at add items later in the future.

Additional info:
x5, x10, and x20 are not done yet and will come out soon
This mod changes all the original file in the paths below
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I have Updated it my self, I call it Handymatic 1000, Just go to, server/mods/autogen/Item. FIRST BACKUP AUTOGEN !!then go into brick for example ... or any item that might have weight and change the [maxstacksize]...and weight, (wordwrap helps) to whatever you want. rinse and repeat with the elements you wish to hold more of, save the text file and when done save the item folder. wallah...lasagna!!! play with creative intentions my friends.
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