1. M

    Ore block rubble [More information added]

    Hello, So i started modding Eco and after some modding i started with the creation of a new ore. I got everything worked out from the code to the models but after being able to actually get rubble when mining a block the rubble stays non intractable. not even my green pointer can point at it let...
  2. H

    8.0.X Irony 1.0.0

    Makes metal ores easier to get by making them part of mining normal stones and by adding crafting recipes. In the wake of 8.0.0 world generation bugs, this mod restores some ability to have ores. It also works in properly generated worlds, if you just want to make getting ores easier. The mod...
  3. Denaton

    Milling Ore 1.0.0

    My first mod to learn some of the basics of modding in Eco. This is an early alternative before Blast Furnace, the aim is not to replace the existing recipe but adding a new one with the con of being allot more resource heavy and require an other profession (more collaboration) but with the pro...
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