8.3.X WorldEdit

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This mod is a first simple implementation of the Minecraft Plugin WorldEdit.

If you don't know WorldEdit checkout the first minute of this video:

Currently this mod supports the following commands with some basic parameters:
  • //wand Gives you the World Edit selection tool (left and right click to select an area).
  • //rmwand Remove wand
  • //set <block> Set the selection to the desired blocktype.
  • //replace <replaceBlock> <desiredBlock> Lets you replace a specific block of a selection with a desired block.
  • //replace <desiredBlock> Replace everything except air with desired block
  • //walls Creates a wall inside the selection.
  • //expand <amount> <direction> Resizes the selection in the direction where you are looking at
  • //contract <amount> <direction> opposite of expand
  • //shift <amount> <direction> move selection
  • //move <amount> <direction> move blocks in selection
  • //up <amount> Teleports you up in the air.
  • //stack <amount> <direction> "Stacks" the current selection
  • //copy Copies a selection.
  • //paste Pastes a copied selection from clipboard.
  • //rotate <degree> Rotate the clipboard
  • //undo Revert the last command
  • //import <name> Import a schematic file into clipboard
  • //export <name> Export the clipboard into a file
  • //distr Show information about current selection
If you need more information about the original plugin checkout the Minecraft Wiki:

Please leave comments and feedback here ;)
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Latest updates

  1. Update to 8.2

    - fix //set air
  2. Update for 8.0.6

    I think there is currently something wrong with plants, but basically the mod is working. Please...
  3. Readded icon to wand

    Readded icon to wand

Latest reviews

Great tool - well done! Just one thing - it doesn't always seem to rotate the blocks (stairs, walls, signs etc for eg) benches when you rotate the selection which limits use with rotate.

Also a couple of suggestions:
1. Add a vertical auto-select ie select pos 1,2 on the ground and the tool will scan up and down for non natural (dirt, rock water etc) blocks and include them.

2. Add a option to ignore non building items (lights, benches and other placed items etc) so that it becomes easy to take a schematic of a building without its contents (especially if a vertical auto-select is added)
How to turn on the Mod?
I have CMD but it's doen't work
//wand doen't work
Hello ;) What is CMD?
//wand not working
Just perfect!
Very good tool! thx for it!
a Great tool
The most powerful world editing that is currently available for Eco. Just awesome!
Simply great :)
I can't tell you how awesome this is, but I'll try. Six out of Five Stars. The Dials go to ELEVEN on this review.

It's a must have for large scale editing and modifying of your world, which you're gonna want to do if you want a "creative" experience for yourself, or if you want a specific aesthetic for your guests.
Just perfect!
side note: mod does not work (yet) in 7.2...
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