Transport pipes [Asphalt MDK]

7.8.X Transport pipes [Asphalt MDK] 1.3.1

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Here is the new version of the mod for Eco 7.8.6.
Thanks to Jagganot for helping me fixing my mods.
This update is a candidate update for the stable version and going out of beta
Please if you see any problem even a minor one send me a message, thanks.

1.3.0 changelog:
Compatibility with Eco 7.7.1

Add Quarry (No model, no recipe, still prototype) - Only available using give command
Add a 3DPrinter (No texture, no recipe, still WIP) - Only available using give command
Add new skill tree - Advanced machinery (Nothing here for now, will have Quarry and 3DPrinter)
Add a blacklist in the filter system (blacklist an item by putting a '!' before the item name)
Show the list of mods installed when server startup

Removed the hopper
I got some problem with it on 7.7.1 and now (in vanilla) you can directly drop inside stockpile

Change many things in the working system of the pipe. It's now a lot more optimized.

Fix a bug when you place a connector 3 block away of an inventory.
Fix lot of small misc bug.

Know issue:
The pipe don't connect to tiny stockpile.
The connector sometime don't update the type of power they consume.
1.2.2 changelog:
Adding compatibility to Eco 7.6.0
Add inOut mode on the connector.
Now you can connect the connector from the bottom or the top for all object (Except stockpile)
The hopper now count for one pipe when connected to a linker so it need power.
Change how work the moving of the item from the source to the destination. It use less performance and it's less subject to bugs

Hope you enjoy this new update. If you have any problem feel free to send me a message :)
Thanks to @Wally1169 and @Darklord6229 for reporting bugs
1.2.1 changelog:
Adding wooden gear crafted in Wainwright Table with primitive mechanics.
Adding wooden wrench crafted at Wainwright Table.
Change the recipe of the wooden transport pipe to use wooden gear instead of gear.
Changes the name of the Wrench to Steel Wrench.
The steel wrench have 250 durability instead of 100.
The steel wrench use 20 calories instead of 40.
The steel wrench need level 3 in pipes crafting.
The hopper now need level 2 in pipes crafting.
The config for power consumption and time to move item are now float instead of int.
Fix an issue where the config file is not created with the good default value.
Fix a bug that occurs when you place pipe without selecting item and then pick them.
Fix a critical error occurring when using the filter. Caused by the change of the filter system in 1.2.0.
Fix a bug that make the chunk disappear when you place a lubricant barrel in a stockpile or on the ground.
Fix an issue where the wooden connector turn to an electric Pipe when you destroy the connected inventory.
1.2.0 changelog:


- Add wooden transport pipe block that use mechanical energy but there are more slower (5 times slower)
- Add wooden transport pipe item crafted with lumber, iron and gear at a Wainwright Table.
- Add an electric pipe upgrader. You can left click with it on a pipe to upgrade your wooden pipe to electric pipe.
- Add a config file with some config. More config will come later.
- Add a wooden texture for the connector.
- On the server UI the transport pipe show the number of active system.


- Renaming TransportPipeObject to ConnectorObject
- Renaming TransportPipe to ElectricTransportPipe
- The filter text use the same syntax as the give command to found item and it's more reactive.
- Lower the skill cost of the first level of pipe crafting skill.
- Lower the cost of the skill book.
- Lower the cost of the wrench.
- Lower the cost for repairing the wrench.
- The wrench is now crafted at anvil instead of factory.
- The skillbook now require basic engineering instead of industry.
- Lower the cost of the electric pipe.
- The electric pipe now need level 3 in pipe crafting skill.
- Changes icon for the electric pipe.
- Very small changes to the texture of the electric pipe
- Very small changes to the texture of the connector.
- Changes how work the auth system. Will be more effective and optimized.


- Fix an issue where you don't see text when pickup a connector or a pipe.
- Fix a rare issue when using wrench on the connector from output to none.
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Thank to Cold, Gabeux and Quicksilv3r420 for reporting issue
1.1.1 changelog:
- Added an auth tab on the hopper, an unowned hopper can't place item in an owned stockpile.
- Remove the hopperBlock since the game already have a block that do the same thing (SolidWorldObjectBlock).
- Fix dirt disappear after drop it in the hopper when the stockpile was full.
- Fix a problem where you can still place connector anywhere next to stockpile but that will crash at server restart.
- Fix an issue where sometime the connector became in an unknown state (either input or output).
- Fix a rare bug when using wrench that can occurs if the connector object can't be placed.
- Fix an issue caused by the multithreading (I'm still not very experienced with multithreading so maybe there will be more issues with this fix)
- Fix an issue that occurs when you use the wrench on the connector and destroy the storage at the same time
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1.1.0 changelog:

- Now the pipe can connect to objects that have fuel inventory (I.e brazier, torchStand or Blast Furnace)

- Pipe will consume power, 25W per pipe. The consumption is shared between each linked connector, only the connector without power will not work.

- Changed how work the pipe system, with this new system I can connect other things as input (I.e A Hopper)

- Added a hopper where you can drop directly what you mine with your excavator. The hopper connects to the pipe system and act like an input without speed restriction.


- The connector change back to a pipe when you destroy the connected inventory.

- Fix a rare crash that can occurs when you break the linked inventory.

- Fix a visual problem that can occurs when you stop the server without saving the map properly.

- Fix an issue with the auth check where sometime the output is authorized but don't work.

- Some little optimization.

Know issue

- The connector sometime don't update the power needed in the UI but the power grid UI is always up to date.

Enjoy the new version and as always if you have problems, idea or anything else you can contact me here or on discord Kirthos#4493
1.0.1 changes:
- Fix icons of the skillBook for pipe Engineer
- Fix icons of the skillScroll for pipe Engineer
Hey, everyone is now real. The beta of my mod is now available !
Enjoy playing with it.
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