Spoffy's Rubble (and Debris) Removal

8.0.X Spoffy's Rubble (and Debris) Removal 1.2.0

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Fixed for version 8.0.0

Valid types are now: stone, copper, gold, coal, iron, fallentrees, wooddebris, basalt, gneiss, granite, limestone, sandstone, shale, and 'allstone'
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Ensures compatibility with 7.7.0 Staging.
  • Fixes a disconnect that can occur when cleaning up too many wood debris.
(Hopefully) Fixes a crash bug which can occur when clearing certain fallen trees in Eco are themselves bugged.
Fixes a number of crash bugs present when using this mod with 7.3.0
You can now clear fallen trees and wood debris (pulp) with the "fallentrees" and "wooddebris" types.

This is the last version that will officially be backwards compatible with 7.1.2. Any future versions MAY be compatible, but will not be tested.
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