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Permission To Shoot. 1.0.2

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Do you have a lot arrows and don't know what to do with them... I have the answer for you.

This mod will change the BowItem.cs in Mods/Tools folder. It gives you permissions to shoot other players. The arrows will disappear as normal and it will not do any damage to players.

Side note it looks funny when you hit the capsule collider with out hitting the players body parts. The arrow will float attached.
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  1. Permissions To Shoot

    Updated to work with 7.3 This mod replaces the BowItem in Mods/Tools Permissions To Shoot...
  2. Permission To Shoot

    This has been tested on 7.2.3 and works well.

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Fun mod my community really enjoys. I mentioned claim permissions in the release thread and 10K may be working on them. We couldn't be more excited, thanks for the contribution, and such creative work 10K.
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