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Version 1.1.0 crashes the server at startup.
Can you tell me the error message and send me (preferably on discord Kirthos#4493) your mod list ?
Simply good looking. Thanks JAGG!
Super Mod !
Super der Mod
Nice Mods weiter so top Modder
Fantastic modlist. Covers all the basis and makes life so much easier with a single pack.
The most powerful world editing that is currently available for Eco. Just awesome!
Perfect MOTD/Message Mod, been running on my server and being able to broadcast messages along with a pop-up broadcast is great. Scheduled messages now enable my players to be aware of my scheduled restarts. Thanks so much, Kirthos!
I really love this
What an AWESOME work! Thats what the game needed <3
good job
Literally unplayable! Metal Sliding Window tooltip: A vertically sliding window, for letting in the morning sun. Its a horizontal sliding window! Though in all seriousness, I love it. The tooltip and the material the rolling stone door is textured in are my only real issues. Made with stone, but looks like concrete :P
Really awesome mod. Thanks for that!
Awesome working mod <3 Keep up that great work
Realy Nice Thanos :)
Thats a very nice simple and helpfull mod :)
Solid modpack with a gread modlist.
Thank you good sir! :D
Very Nice! :-) Danke für die Mod.
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