JD GarbageMan Job   :)

8.0.X JD GarbageMan Job :) 2.2

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Updatet Mod
Fixt Errors
Mod Updated to version 8.05
Fixt Items
Fixt Tables
Remake Unity Textures
Fixt RequireRoomMaterialTier BUG
Updatet Unity Files Fixt Some Errors
Update 1.7 for the GarbagerMod

Added 30 New Recycling Recips

Wooden Hoe, Wooden Shovel, Stone Axe, Stone Hammer, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Scythe, Iron Axe, Iron Hammer, Iron Pickaxe, Iron hoe, Iron shovel, Iron Scythe, Steel Axe, Steel Pickaxe, Steel Hammer, Steel Hoe, Steel Shovel, Steel Scythe, Hand Plough, Tallow Candle, Tallow Lamp, Tallow Wall Lamp, Wall Candle, Wheelbarrow, Wood Cart, Candle stand, Ceiling Candle, Stone Brazier, Brazier and finally Dirt Ramp.

Klick ME

some recipe changes are comming in the next days.
Idea by JD Community Partner
Barthy Roberts
Changed all Recycle Recips
Changed All Recycler Recips to get some resourches back
Crusher needs Now Power Electricy 250
Changed The Researchtime fo Scroll and Book
Added Config To Enable or Disable the Skillbooks

Needed AsphaltModkit
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Added Recycling from Tailings to Grumbles and with Concrete and Grumbles you can Build/Craft Asphalt Roads

Have fun ^^

Idea by User Daywalker.
mod adapted to version 7.6
Fixt placing problehm with the TrashContainer.
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