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  1. [Update]: GBM 1.3.0 for Eco 7.6.2 - "Don't Panic" - released!

    "1.3.0? 7.6.X??" You've read it right. The Glorious Bean Modback is pack. See what I did there...
  2. [Update]: GBM 1.2.2 for Eco 7.4.6 - "Unstoppable Recherche" - released!

    More Mods, more glory. First of all, Update WARNINGS: WARNING for 7.4.X version and manual...
  3. [Update]: GBM 1.2.1 for Eco 7.4.5 - "Alliance's Triumph" - released!

    The GBM is back with even more mods to make your worlds even more Glorious! Version 1.2.1...

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great work! thx!!
Thanx alot Gabeux and all the mod writers :)
Super Mod !
Fantastic modlist. Covers all the basis and makes life so much easier with a single pack.
Solid modpack with a gread modlist.
Thank you good sir! :D
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