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  1. [Update]: GBM 1.3.0 for Eco 7.6.2 - "Don't Panic" - released!

    "1.3.0? 7.6.X??" You've read it right. The Glorious Bean Modback is pack. See what I did there...
  2. [Update]: GBM 1.2.2 for Eco 7.4.6 - "Unstoppable Recherche" - released!

    More Mods, more glory. First of all, Update WARNINGS: WARNING for 7.4.X version and manual...
  3. [Update]: GBM 1.2.1 for Eco 7.4.5 - "Alliance's Triumph" - released!

    The GBM is back with even more mods to make your worlds even more Glorious! Version 1.2.1...

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Bringt ihr das Modpack auch für die Version 8.X raus?
Das wäre echt toll!
wirt dieser mod noch auf 8.0 kommen oder eher nich
great work! thx!!
Thanx alot Gabeux and all the mod writers :)
Super Mod !
Fantastic modlist. Covers all the basis and makes life so much easier with a single pack.
Solid modpack with a gread modlist.
Thank you good sir! :D
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