7.4.X FZM-Tools 1.0.1

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Tested Version
Adds the following Objects:

Large & Small Wood Gate - can be placed like doors to create gates in fences.
Rolling Stone Door - want an entrance to your mine fortress?
Small stone ramp - one-wide stone ramp. (texture improvement coming)

Hare Trap - "I'm gunna catch me a rabbbbbbit!" (passive farm : place in a high concentration 'Hare' area)
Block Scanner - scans a line of 30 blocks and reports on qty & types of blocks it finds (not order).
Right-click to change horizontal and depth scan. Straight line scan only. (Hopefully not too op)
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Latest updates

  1. Update to Hare Trap

    Changed Hare Trap to have Inherited Authorization as default.

Latest reviews

Literally unplayable! Metal Sliding Window tooltip: A vertically sliding window, for letting in the morning sun. Its a horizontal sliding window! Though in all seriousness, I love it. The tooltip and the material the rolling stone door is textured in are my only real issues. Made with stone, but looks like concrete :P
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