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If you're experiencing crashes with Eco Server 7.2.0, please make sure you've updated to the latest version of the mod!

This is available from https://github.com/Spoffy/EcoDiscordPlugin/releases and is marked as "Tested with 7.2.0 Staging" - The version number is "1.1.1"
Identical to 1.1.0, except compatible with 7.2.0 staging, and most likely 7.2.0 release.
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Changes include:

You can now link Discord and Eco text channels. You can now seamlessly(ish) communicate between the two!

?ecostatus not displaying your IP Correctly? There's now a server IP override in the configuration. You can now specify any text to appear instead!

A new ?players command, to see who's currently online!

Plenty of other tweaks and bugfixes too!
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