8.3.X 8.1.X DiscordLink

Fixes in-game to Discord chat not working
Updates the mod to work with 8.2.0
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Updates the mod to 8.1.0
Fixes an issue with ?trades, where players selling large amounts of items would have some items not show up.
Now works with 8.0.0 - thanks to @bozoweed on Github
Release for 7.6.0 staging, as of 2018/07/13
No longer crashes when used with 7.5.0 Staging
Experimental fix - please report any issues!
  • Fixes a crash that occurs with Eco 7.4.6
  • Feature: The ?trades command. Available in Discord, this command allows you to search the trade listings for an item or a player. Depending on what you searched for, it'll display everyone buying and selling that item, or all listings for a given player.
  • Feature: Specifying a Channel by ID, instead of by name in the ChannelLinks
  • Feature: Specifying a Guild by ID, instead of by name in the ChannelLinks
  • Fix: Prevents "time remaining" from going negative once the meteor has been destroyed.
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- Now displays Nicknames rather than usernames when forwarding messages from Discord to Eco
- Now supports older Windows versions (7+) using an external library. Please keep an eye out for bugs!
- Fixes ?players showing all players that have logged on since the last restart
- Fixes ?ecostatus breaking silently when an invalid URL was passed as a server logo.
Fixes a crash caused by chat commands in Eco 7.3.0!
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