Carry++ and Low Power Mod (Cheat)

8.1.X 8.0.X Carry++ and Low Power Mod (Cheat) 1.1.1

No permission to download
Added Low Power Mode for Street Lamp
*Added Low Power Mode(Option)
-This mode is highly decrease power consumption of Lamps and Ceiling Lights.

*Fixed missing item error

*Version Update for ECO Server Version 8.1.0 Beta.
***Lower version will not working (Not tested)
Added Dirt, Tailing, Shale, Garbage
Now you can carry all that thing by 50~100 (I want more! version is 100~200)

Removed 8.0.4 Version and It's changed "I want more!" version.

I want more version is that you can carry a lot (100~500 blocks and items)
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