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7.7.X Asphalt-ModKit - Modding Framework v.

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Mampf, Kronox, Kirthos

A universal framework and library for Eco Mod developers. It simplifies modding and increases the compatibility between different mods.

For Server Owners

This plugin has only a purpose for you if you use a mod that has the Asphalt MDK as a prerequisite. In that case, follow the steps underneath:
  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Copy the contents of the 'Mods' folder into the 'Mods' folder of your server.
  4. Restart your server

For Developers

Current Features:
Check out our wiki for further information.

Credits and additional information

Thanks to @quequiere and @Kirthos for their suggestions

Please give feedback and feel free to fork ;)
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Latest updates

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    v. a buch of new events (special thanks to @ayan4m1 ;)) performance tweaking and as...
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    v. adjusted internal version number removed EcoExamplePlugin from the dowload archive...
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Latest reviews

Excellent mod, well supported. Hard to live without!
naja mein server hat sich auf 7.7.2 geupdatet und da funktioniert der mod nicht mehr und wenn ich ihn trauf machen will crashed mein server immer
Das tut mir leid für dich. Asphalt v. sollte mit Eco beta kompatibel sein. Wenn du Hilfestellung benötigst, das Problem zu beheben, bitte ich dich jedoch im Discussion Tab danach zu fragen und nicht in den Bewertungen ;)

(Engl. Transl.: I'm sorry about that. Asphalt v. should be compatible with Eco beta. If you need help fixing the problem, please ask in the Discussion Tab and not in the Ratings ;))
With the new Update (Rehotfix 7.5.1, i have problems. My game didn´t start.
Awesome, work really fine.
Not hard to implement and use.
One little problem, I need to run as Admin the server, otherwise I've got a client exception on login.
Usefull lib !
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