Arashi's Commands: Tailing Block Remover

8.0.X Arashi's Commands: Tailing Block Remover 1.1

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This command is a response to all the Eco players which are logging into random worlds for the sole purpose of destroying them. if a server is attacked by greifers then an admin can run the '/tailingsbegone #' with the # being the maxDepth integer. This command will clean all tailing blocks that are on the surface as well as the blocks within the maxDepth parameter. the command informs the admin when the process starts and when it is finished.

As this is a mod that was born from request I am not sure where to continue so if there are any other commands that the community would like please let me know and I will happily see if i can solve the puzzle.
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  1. Updated For 8.0.X

    The command has been edited to be compatible with Eco 8.0.X Also in order to run the command a...
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