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I Briefly explain how it works and why:
End Game is too short basically, once you reach the Factory is quite easy to reach the final step, so i wanted to add an additional layer of difficulty to make the final part longer, also i've made recipes combinations that forces the need of some additional skills including the "molecular gastronomy" that is still useless as of today.

So, the final laser+computer needs now a Plasma Container, that will provide the necessary power to the laser in order to fire at meteor.
In order to craft the Plasma Container you will need 20 Plasma Batteries, crafted at the Plasma Charger.
The main problem of the Plasma Charger is that it needs 500000W in order to charge the Batteries.
So here comes to help us the Nuclear Plant, that is made of 2 Nuclear Towers + 1 Nuclear Generator, that you can freely place around your home or far away too (they use the same link tecnique of lasers+pc).
In order to feed the nuclear plant you will need Uranium, as Uranium is not present in the world our scientists have found a way to create uranium burning copper, fiberglass and Molecular Paste in the blast furnace, unfortunately this procedure creates a lot of Tailings.
In order to create the Molecular Paste you need CO2 Canisters, transglutaminase, gold flakes and Liquid Nitrogen at the Laboratory.



- 1 New Skill, Clay and Pottery, that allows the crafting of bathroom stuff, vases, pots and statues (can be converted to SubSkill
- 2 New Sub Trees, 3D Printing and Electronic Production, lets you able to craft some decorations and some electronic devices.



- Increase Stacksize to 20 For All Carried Items
- Double Vanilla Storage Slots
(this will only increase storages with 8 slots ->16 and storage chest 16->32)
- Increase Storages and Machineries Range to 14 blocks (so you do not have to bring resources all around your home)
- Add Pipes and Pollution For Bakery Owen and Cast Iron Stove
- Easier Craft and Room Req for Mint
(for earlier trading)
- Decrease Fuel Consumption for Fueled Light Sources by 80% (else nobody uses that and we live in the dark until electricity.)
- Harder EndGame - details:
- wind turbine and solar generator: maths and craft time x3, power generated x2
- combustion generator, Factory, Oil Refinery, Computer Lab, Laser: maths and craft time x2
- Factory requires T3 room (from 0)
- Electronic Assembly requires electrical power (1000) and T3 room (from T2)
- machine shop: added mechanical power requirement
- Oil refinery craft time x10
- Petroleum craft time: x2
- PumpJack power consumption x5
- Laser Power requirement x2
- Computer Lab requires T4 room (from 0)
- Increase Road Tool Durability and remove Road Skill Requirement for Repair
- AEmod furnitures
(Including Skills)
- Change Vanilla Planter Pots Maths (uses clay instead of sand)
- Change Arashi Nature Collection Maths (requires mod already installed)
- Embed Clay and Pottery Skill into Bricklaying (Convert to Subskill)
- AEmod EndGame (Enables Nuclear Plant and Plasma and all required items to make it works)
- AEmod Pills (Various Pills from the Laboratory)
Vehicles Modification: yoo can choose between "leave it as is (do not touch), use clay's Toolkit settings, use AEmod settings (Faster Veichles and higher slots/weight limit, no penalty for dirt)

removed features:
- Decreased craft time of Corn Starch
- Reduced Tailings for metal crafts at bloomery


-Nuclear Plant (Tower + Generator)


-Plasma Charger
-3D Printer


-Plasma Container


-Plasma Battery
-Molecular Paste
-Iron Waste


-Various Pills from the Laboratory


-Roof Lamp (white, green, blue and red)

NEW FURNITURES, 80+ OBJECTS (wip screenshots)


Installation an Compatibility notes:

-No problems so far with Fishfood, Arashi's House Plants, Telescope Item, STC Storage Crates, Clay's Toolkit, BetterMining, Floor Lamp, Better Logging Profession, Light Sensor and MW.
-For Clay i've already included the wood pulp modification so you just need the main clays toolkit DLL folder, nothing else.
-For MW i'll prepare a little folder in order to integrate it with all the current modification i've done already, you will still need to download the mod for the 3dunity file, i will only provide the integration.

About MW integration i've modified Tailings recycle, it takes much much longer, basically it's a trade between ground pollution and air pollution. Also recycled tailing will be 25 instead of 10.

1.1 New Integrations:

- STC Storage Crates, changed craft requirements to be coherent with tables (lev1 workbench/basiccrafting, lev2 carpentry/woodworking and lev3 sawmill/lumberwoodworking), increased craft time, increased link area (doubled)

- Arashi's House Plants, moved to clay and pottery skill, decreased housing value, changed subgroup

In order to install the new integrations simply copy the provided cs files over the mod folder, overwriting existing files, so to be clear, install the mod first, then copy my integration files overwriting original files. Mods not included!


The main purpouse of the installer is to keep consistency and be able to cohexist with other mods.

Install Instructions:

1 - install any mod you want (most mods doesn't conflict at all with aemod, clay's toolkit conflicts just to name the most common one)
2 - install arashi nature collection (if you want the installer to enable the option to change maths for clay & pottery skill/subskill)
2 - assign "eco server" folder to the installer
3 - choose options
4 - press "process"
5 - Profit!

the installer will RETAIN modifications from other mods and will add its own ones.

What Happens if (put your conflictual mod here) updates his mod ?

1 - install the updated mod
2 - assign "eco server" folder to the installer
3 - the installer recognize that you have already processed the folder, it disables all options (it keeps the option used the first time), and enables the check button
4 - press "check", the installer will advise if some files required by aemod has been changed, if yes the fix button will be enabled
6 - press "fix"
7 - profit!

What Happens if a new eco version is out ?
if there are not radical changes to the files aemod will works even on newer versions so just follow above here

while it can be good for minor updates, i strongly suggest to start from a vanilla folder when a major update is out, i will update the installer if it will not work in the future.

if there will be problems with the fixes you can always try starting from scratch, so vanilla mod folder, install all mods and then use aemod installer as last one.

Currently tested with (all options enabled, including aemod veichles):

Clay's Toolkit , installed before AEmod
Glorious Bean Server Modpack , installed before AEmod (this will only change required laser to 4 instead of 8, but there's the plasma too :) )

tested also the check and fix for both (so if GB releases a new version, just unzip it in the mod folder and then check and fix aemod)

Please note: "increase Storage and Machineries Range" option will increase the time to access storages and machineries too, that's the price to pay, it's up to you, you can choose now! :)

Please report any suggestion/issue, there are many combinations so if something goes wrong let me know!!

If you have an hosted server you have to download the mod folder in order to process it locally, then upload it back. Do not assign mod folder directly, the installer wants the folder above so "anyfolder\Mods"

Aemod now has it's own folder so it's not possiblee to update it from older versions, it will work (tested on mine) but the mod folder must be deleted and redone from scratch.

Known Issues:

-Objects Volume actually recognized as 0 cube meters in room calculation (help me?).
-Highlight issue, sometimes it covers the entire Object instead of borders only (modkit bug?)
-In order to place objects over tables/stands you need an adiacent wall, that you can remove after the object has been placed (probably it's a game limitation).


Difficulty Considerations

-if you don't enable skillpoint reward for actions and craft it's basically just a "wait" for skill points to arrive, it doesn't push you to play, you just log off and wait for the next day to get the new skill points.
With a little bonus from crafts and actions instead you push players to keep playing in order to get skill points faster so i prefer to keep those options activated.

-the game is very slow at beginning, so i would increase the amount of daily skillpoints you can acquire, increasing also the specialty cost multiplier too in order to compensate, it will give you a quicker gameplay during the first days, as an alternative you can lower the SpecialtyCostMultiplier so as result you will increase the value of skill specializations, you will get players able to learn lot of skills but focus on few specializations only.

-You can use Clays daily reward to balance the game on the run depending on population.

Server Will Be Wiped 17 May at 22PM (gmt+1)
Mod is over 50Mb so it will take a while to connect the first time.
Server Settings:
(join channel for suggestions)
I plan to include Glorious Bean + Clay's Toolkit (partially) + some other fun mods just released
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