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Welcome to the Eco Mods Forums.

I'll show you how to get the most out of the Help section using our question system.
Everytime you need help and start a new thread in the Help section on our forums you can tick a box to transform the thread into a question.
After getting a couple of replies you can then mark the reply that contains the solution to your problem/question as the best answer.
This enables a better and faster way to navigate through the Help section here on Eco Mods.


Mark a thread as a question
  1. Open the advanced thread editor
  2. Tick the "Is question" box
  3. Post your thread! :)
  4. Your thread is now marked as an unsolved question
Mark a reply as the best answer
  1. Click on the "Best answer" option
  2. The best answer will now stay underneath the question and will be marked with a green background-color
  3. Your question is now marked as solved with a quicklink to the best answer (diamond)

That's how you can easily use our question system to easily identify a question and mark the best answer.
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