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Due to recent events, as well as multiple requests in the past, we've made changes to our Terms and Rules regarding the usage of a mod for Hosting Services / Companies. Those changes affect our Mod Developers as well as every Hosting Service / Company who's downloading and offering mods from to their customers using an automated or manual installation process for their customers and servers.

Users who have rented a server from a Hosting Company are still allowed to download and install the mods onto those servers - but the Hosting Services may be restricted by the Mod Developers from installing their mods for you.


What has changed?

With these changes our Mod Developers on will be able to define in which way Hosting Services are allowed to use their mods.
Please keep in mind that these changes only affect Hosting Services - not their users.

Mod Developers are now able to choose between three different options during the creation or update process of a mod.

  • Hosting Services are not allowed to install this mod.
  • Hosting Services are allowed to install this mod.
  • Only specific Hosting Services are allowed to install this mod.
These options define if a Hosting Service is allowed to install your mods manually or automatically onto their customers' servers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Since you're a server owner, and not a Hosting Service / Company. You're still allowed to download and install any mod, wherever you want.
As a Hosting Service / Company - from now on you'll have to make sure that our Mod Developers have granted you the permission to install their Mods automatically or manually for your customers.

If a Mod Developer has restricted every Hosting Service / Company or specifically your Hosting Service / Company - you'll simply have to comply.
Please write a Message to @mampf or @Looh

Additional Information

Those new Terms apply to new and updated mods from the date of this Post's publishing.

If you got questions regarding the new Terms, feel free to contact us.
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Hello ;)

I added a list of companies for the "Only specific Hosting Services are allowed to install this mod." Option.
This will simplify the selection for our developers, but the hosting services must send a message to us, so we can add them to our list.

So when you are a server hoster please send a message to @Looh or @mampf ;)

Thank you!

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