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Dear Community,

after months of development we're more than happy to announce the release of our newest project called ECO Server Host.
Since the launch of Eco Mods back in January 2018, we've met many people who weren't satisfied with their current server hosts due to the lack of features or the expensive prices for basically nothing but a standard server in return. That's what we're trying to defeat with our own hosting service for ECO.

  • Exclusive Mod Installer - Install all available mods on eco-mods.com with just a single click.
  • Fast Bandwith - Gaming without any interruptions thanks to our fast Bandwith.
  • File Manager - Full control over your Eco Server and all the files. Upload new files (mods for example), Download files and modify them.
  • Multiplayer Ready - Excellent servers for hosting huge game-servers for a lot of players.
  • Fast Hardware - Instant setup, quick installs and rapid restarts thanks to our fast hardware.
  • Easy Backups - Easily create backups using our web interface.
  • Web Interface - Easily control and manage your server through our web interface.
All of this starting from 9.99€ per Month!

We're happy to announce that ECO Server Host is the first and only hosting service for ECO that offers an official mod-installer from eco-mods.com! With our exclusive and official bridge between our game-servers and eco-mods.com you’ll be able to install any mod that is available with just a click. No need for us to download mods manually and add them to your server by hand.

If you're interested in a server, feel free to rent one on our website. :)

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