7.8.X 7.7.X WorldEdit 0.2.5

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This updates fix issues with the wand icon.
If you have no issues, you don't need to update. The .dll file did not change - I only fixed the icon.
Jagganot had some time to update my mod - thanks ;)
- Requires now Asphalt Modkit
- remove the WorldEdit.unity3d file for the first =(
Doors and Asphalt Ramps can now be spawned ;)

Please Backup your world!
  • Update to Eco Version 7.3
  • Fixed Bug which destroyed whole world. (Wrong selection choosed)
  • //walls and //move is currently disabled
  • ChangedBlocks number could be wrong
Please give Feedback ;)
This version is not compatible with 7.1.X !
Likes: AuroraBunni
Maybe fixed bugs with stockpiles and chest!

Schematics are not compatible with older versions!
New commands //distr //shift //contract
Also plants with //set command should be fixed now
Chests can be copied
This is the first version that supports schematics ;)
  • //import <name> import a schematic file into the clipboard
  • //export <name> save current clipboard to file
The schematics are saved into the Schematics Folder

Known problems:
  • Objects like tables, machines etc. can not be copied - only blocks
Please test and give feedback ;)
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