8.0.X WorldEdit

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This mod is a first simple implementation of the Minecraft Plugin WorldEdit.

If you don't know WorldEdit checkout the first minute of this video:

Currently this mod supports the following commands with some basic parameters:
  • //wand Gives you the World Edit selection tool (left and right click to select an area).
  • //rmwand Remove wand
  • //set <block> Set the selection to the desired blocktype.
  • //replace <replaceBlock> <desiredBlock> Lets you replace a specific block of a selection with a desired block.
  • //replace <desiredBlock> Replace everything except air with desired block
  • //walls Creates a wall inside the selection.
  • //expand <amount> <direction> Resizes the selection in the direction where you are looking at
  • //contract <amount> <direction> opposite of expand
  • //shift <amount> <direction> move selection
  • //move <amount> <direction> move blocks in selection
  • //up <amount> Teleports you up in the air.
  • //stack <amount> <direction> "Stacks" the current selection
  • //copy Copies a selection.
  • //paste Pastes a copied selection from clipboard.
  • //rotate <degree> Rotate the clipboard
  • //undo Revert the last command
  • //import <name> Import a schematic file into clipboard
  • //export <name> Export the clipboard into a file
  • //distr Show information about current selection
If you need more information about the original plugin checkout the Minecraft Wiki:

Please leave comments and feedback here ;)
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Latest updates

  1. Update for 8.0.6

    I think there is currently something wrong with plants, but basically the mod is working. Please...
  2. Readded icon to wand

    Readded icon to wand
  3. another fix

    another fix

Latest reviews

//wand not working
Just perfect!
Very good tool! thx for it!
a Great tool
The most powerful world editing that is currently available for Eco. Just awesome!
Simply great :)
I can't tell you how awesome this is, but I'll try. Six out of Five Stars. The Dials go to ELEVEN on this review.

It's a must have for large scale editing and modifying of your world, which you're gonna want to do if you want a "creative" experience for yourself, or if you want a specific aesthetic for your guests.
Just perfect!
side note: mod does not work (yet) in 7.2...
Fantastic. Makes terraforming a breeze so I'm not locked in a battle with tedium every time I start a new playthrough or need to make large changes to landscape.
I just built a Huge Sphere in Eco (singleplayer world) which took me 8 hours to complete, i then spotted this mentioned and i thought i would give it a go, i manged to copy this sphere and export it as a Schematic, which imported great and was created in eco without any problem, even the undo feature worked as well, by the way the Sphere is 40x40 and has just over 4000 blocks in it, so why not get this and save all your hard work as a nice schematic for when you nee them again :D
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