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Kirthos (Storage Script)
Greetings, my friend! I'm newbie here and this is my first mod - Winemaker!

Mod adds 1 object and 4 recipes to in game.



Object name: Wine Barrel
Skill needed: Woodworking = 4
Created at: Carpentry Table
Basic recipe: 50 Board and 5 Iron Ingot
Base production time: 30 minutes
Location: Kitchen (+3 comfort, 70% fine, if there are several facilities)
Weight: 18.00kg
Stack limit: 1
Description: Storage and manufacturing of blueberry wine
Storage: Two special storage slots for fermented blueberry


Item name: Fermented Blueberry
Created at: Wine Barrel
Nutritional effect: Calories: 120 - Carbs = 5, Fat = 0, Protein = 0, Vitamins = 20
Skill needed: CulinaryArts = 1
Basic recipe: 100 Huckleberries and 10 Sugar
Base production time: 60 minutes
Description: Fermented juice in made at the Wine Barrel and can then be used for the production of other varieties


Item name: Empty wine bottle
Created at: Kiln
Skill needed: Glassworking = 1
Basic recipe: 5 Glass
Base production time: 5 minutes
Description: An empty bottle is used to create blueberry wine craft an wine barrel.


Item name: Blueberry Wine
Created at: Wine Barrel
Nutritional effect: Calories: 750 - Carbs = 12, Fat = 0, Protein = 6, Vitamins = 20
Skill needed: CulinaryArts = 2
Basic recipe: 1 Empty wine bottle and 3 Fermented Blueberry
Base production time: 10 minutes
Description: A surprisingly sweet taste

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  1. 8.0 support

    8.0 support
  2. 7.8.5 upd

    Updated for 7.8.5 version. Original model and textures was rebundled
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    Support 0.7.7.x version of the game. Tested for
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