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8.0.X 7.7.X No Player Credits 1.1.0

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7.6.X, 7.7.X, 7.8.X
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Inlife, Quadbro

A simple mod, that prevents "player credit" currencies from being generated on your server.
Works by blocking automatic currency creation when new players are join to the game first time.

This mod will not remove existing currencies.

Works best on the new, empty world, however make sure to Mint at least one currency, otherwise creating contracts won't work for players (client disconnects), and attempting to create a new law will crash the server.


Unzip the downloaded archive, and copy 2 dlls into Mods/ folder of your server.
Log in onto the server, and mint a currency right away (use /give command to spawn yourself a mint).
After that, reload the server, and only then let other players join the server.


Additionally version 1.0.3 adds ability to remove existing currencies via command:
/rmcurrency NAME
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Latest updates

  1. Updated version 1.1.0 for Eco v8.0.0.

    Fixed issues with currency removal via /rmcurrency command.
  2. NoPlayerCredits Eco v8.x update!

    This update fixes mod for version v8.0.0 of the game. Big thanks to @Quadbro for helping me out!
  3. Minor fix update

    New minor update 1.0.1 fixes issue with server crash after contracts were created.

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