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Brilliant Mod - 8.0.X Just wish it would work as it should as it breaks every 3 minutes of use and cannot level up ESmelting skill because no way of skilling it up without the Electric Furnace that needs ESmelting Level 3, good thing I am an admin and can spawn it to test it.
Now I can delete garbages!
//wand not working
Everything is great!
Working fine at 8.0.5 also!
Bringt ihr das Modpack auch für die Version 8.X raus?
Das wäre echt toll!
Just what I want, thank you!
Splendid pack in every possible way!
WOW. Now we can Play. The best Mod ever ! THX
Kronox answered to all my suggestions and implemented them as far as possible with the current state of knowledge. The Mod is now fully usable again and helps me a lot cleaning those oversized mines :D
The mod is super cool but can you pleas update this to the 8.0.X thank you :)
Nice it works thx!
Thank you!
Just perfect!
I can't play eco anymore without this mod!
Realy Excellent!
This Mod Pack is very easy to install, just copy in the Mod Folder.
Perfect! Thanks a lot!
Can you please update it to 0.8.x ??
wirt dieser mod noch auf 8.0 kommen oder eher nich
this is like the FIRST JD Mod that actually worked
Excellent! Works perfect with
Finaly you can shovel 10 Dirt at once!
That's exactly what I always wanted
The mod works great
Thank you :)
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