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8.0.X Irony 1.0.0

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Makes metal ores easier to get by making them part of mining normal stones and by adding crafting recipes.

In the wake of 8.0.0 world generation bugs, this mod restores some ability to have ores. It also works in properly generated worlds, if you just want to make getting ores easier.

The mod consists of two parts: recipes for turning stone into ore, and ore that spawns as part of mining normal stones.


Four recipes are added to the Kiln:
  • Sandstone to Iron Ore
  • Granite to Copper Ore
  • Gneiss to Gold Ore
  • Logs to Charcoal

Ores appear randomly when mining normal stones. The stones specific ores appear in are the same as the ones used in the recipes.
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Very good Idea with this mod, functions as it should.
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