Big Shovel [Asphalt MDK]

8.0.X Big Shovel [Asphalt MDK] 1.8.2

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Fix bug where the shovel was not craftable
The craft was giving the simple shovel when done.
Update the mod for the latest version of eco.
Eco Version 8.0.3
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Here is the new version of the mod for Eco 7.8.5.
Thanks to Jagganot for helping me fixing my mods.
New update big shovel 1.7.0
Update to be compatible with Eco 7.7.1
Update the mod for Eco 7.6.0
The mod will not work for previous version of Eco.
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This version add the vanilla model and animation to the shovel.
The model is the vanilla shovel scale up a bit.
The animation is the vanilla animation a bit faster to dig faster.
This is a BIG shovel
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Change the default crafting table from Factory to Assembly line for the Modern Shovel.
Update the mod for the 7.5.
Changing name of the original BigShovel to IronBigShovel
Changing the default config of the bigShovel
Changing icon of the original BigShovel
Adding SteelBigShovel
Adding ModernBigShovel

You can change everything in the config file and even disable craft
Thank Mari for the icons =D
Fix a bug where the repair cost is always 1. The repair cost are still changeable in the config file.
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This version use the new asphalt modkit that now contains my old core mod.
Changing the config file system to the one asphalt use that is more stable and more easy to use
You can now change the craft and where craft the bigShovel or even disable the craft.
The config file is now in Mods/KirthosMods/BigShovel/Config.json
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