BetterMining [Asphalt MDK]

7.8.X BetterMining [Asphalt MDK] 1.8.0

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Here is the new version of the mod for Eco 7.8.5.
Thanks to Jagganot for helping me fixing my mods.
Better mining 1.7.0
Update for Eco 7.7.1
The mod was tested for the 7.6.0 and no issue was found.
You can use the better mining 1.6.0 in eco 7.6.0.
Likes: Gabeux
The mod was tested for the 7.5.0 and no issue was found.
You can use the better mining 1.6.0 in eco 7.5.0.
This version use the new asphalt modkit that now contains my old core mod.
Changing the config file system to the one asphalt use that is more stable and more easy to use
You can now disable the skill you want not to use in the config file.
The config file is now in Mods/KirthosMods/BetterMining/Config.json
Added wonderful icon made by Ma
Added a version number on server UI (like Better Logging)
Changing the text color of the skill name
Adding a config file ./Configs/BetterMining/
The config file is generated when you run the server with the mods for the first time
After you modify the config, you need to restart the server.
Now the mods need the asphalt modkit and my core mod AKirthosCore.
The mods is now compiled to a .dll for a better ways to remove or update it.
With the .dll file the mods don't require to change the base game file.
Mod updated for version
Added a new skill:
- Mining pickup amount: 5 levels
Skillpoints cost: 5,7,10,15,20
Now to be able to right click for pickup rubble you need to have this skill.
When you right click you can only pickup (4 * Mining pickup amount level) rubble.
Change of mining pickup skill:
- Rename from "mining pickup" to "mining pickup range"
- Now mining pickup range need mining pickup amount level 1.
Seems that some people don't have the skill icon, I think this is caused by the scene name when I've built the modkit.
I renamed the scene and updated the modkit so normally no icon problems anymore.

Ps: Thanks Auron for testing it and reporting the problem
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