Better Farming [Asphalt MDK]

7.8.X Better Farming [Asphalt MDK] 1.2.0

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Hello everyone.
Like I explained in my better mining mod.
I originaly made the "betters x mod" because people was not really taking the specialty.
I'm not sure what it feel now with the 8.0 (didn't really got the time to test it) and since the skills are not really moddable.
I will wait for idea and for better modding possibility for the skill.
So if you have idea about talent I can add in this mod, every idea are open.
Here is the new version of the mod for Eco 7.8.5.
Thanks to Jagganot for helping me fixing my mods.
Better Farming 1.1.0
Update mod for Eco 7.7.1
Fix an issue where it was possible to harvest inside claimed land using the skills
Thansk @juggler2005 for the report.
The mod was tested for the 7.6.0 and no issue was found.
You can use the better farming 1.0.3 in eco 7.6.0.
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Mod updated for 7.5+

Many people ask me to update this mods to the new version so there it is.
Enjoy ;)
I post this update to ask if a new version is needed ?
Since now the farming was reworked with the tractor I'm not sure if this mod is still useful.
If someone ask me to update this mod I will do it but for now I prefer to concentrate on other mods.
The hoe now can pickup camas plant.
Fix a bug where the range of the hoe was given by the skill of the scythe.
Thanks to @Wally1169 for reporting the bug.
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