Asphalt-ModKit - Modding Framework

8.0.X Asphalt-ModKit - Modding Framework

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Update for Eco
Added new event: ConsoleInputEvent :cool:
Another try to fix 32bit
Update only if the previous version does not work for you ;)
  • Improved RecipeRemoverHelper
  • Removed Sharp Yaml - this should fix issues with linux servers
Fixed some issues with the latest version like OnEnabled not called and Configs not injected
fixed Exception in RecipeRemover of called too early ;)
  • Like
Reactions: proglot024
  • a buch of new events (special thanks to @ayan4m1 ;))
  • performance tweaking
  • and as always... Bug Fixes!
  • adjusted internal version number
  • removed EcoExamplePlugin from the dowload archive
  • same as before; if your server is already running fine on the previous version of Asphalt (v. without any problems, then you can probably ignore this update ;)
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