Asphalt-ModKit - Modding Framework

7.8.X Asphalt-ModKit - Modding Framework v.

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Fixed some issues with the latest version like OnEnabled not called and Configs not injected
fixed Exception in RecipeRemover of called too early ;)
  • a buch of new events (special thanks to @ayan4m1 ;))
  • performance tweaking
  • and as always... Bug Fixes!
  • adjusted internal version number
  • removed EcoExamplePlugin from the dowload archive
  • same as before; if your server is already running fine on the previous version of Asphalt (v. without any problems, then you can probably ignore this update ;)
v. - Reupload
  • Exchanged Download file, because the last one contained a MacOS specific folder, which might cause confusion or cause the server not to boot.
  • If you have already updated to v. and everything is working, you can safely ignore the update.
  • Some minor adjustments and bug fixes
  • Fix events and auth issues for Eco Version
  • adds a buch of new Events: WorldObjectDestroyedEvent, InventoryChangeSelectedSlotEvent, InventoryMoveItemEvent (may cause syncronisation issues when cancelled, please report :p), RpcInvokeEvent
  • an attempt to fix an issue that crashes the server while initializing, wich occurs under still unknown and rare conditions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Improved and fixed storages - They are still in beta
  • added code of Kirthos to Asphalt - thanks Kirthos ;)
If you are a developer and you want to test the storage features, please contact me.
  • Added Storage features
  • fixed bugs with eat and teleportation
We got the report, that Asphalt is not working with Mono.
We changed our injection stuff to use the Harmony Library to patch the methods.
So Asphalt supports Mono now.
- Lots of things aren't tested with mono. So please leave us feedback if you have any issues.

This release also includes some partial implemented new features that manage your config files, permissions and so on.
If you are interested please contact Kronox or me.
We will update our github wiki in the next days.
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